DPS Pagoda 112 RP Skis - 2022 Special Edition - Blue - 158cm

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DPS Pagoda 112 RP Skis - Special Edition

Special Edition skis are released once per year exclusively at Dreamtime. They are small-batch, limited edition ‘artwork’ creations made in our Salt Lake City, Utah factory, and are never reproduced again. 

This year’s Special Edition designs represent a balance of constant forward progress with their retro color scheme and line art, while fondly recollecting an easier time and heartbeat of the past.

The Pagoda 112 RP consistently and playfully delivers ultimate powder versatility and ease of use in varying conditions. The proven combination of the 112 RP’s 15m turn radius and deep tip and tail rocker/taper allows this highly-awarded shape to generate g-forces on hard pack with control, while cradling the rider into the world of powder planing performance. The application of Pagoda technology brings a higher level of stability and damping to the experience, allowing you to comfortably bust through crud and navigate bumps with confidence. 

Classic RP shaping comes with a 15m radius and shorter effective edge to promote performance that is forgiving to pivot and slide, yet powerful and reactive when locked in a carve.



189cm, 184cm, 178cm, 168cm, 158cm



189cm 141/112/129 15m 2080g
184cm 140/112/127 15m 1920g
178cm 140/112/125 15m 1825g
168cm 139/112/124 15m 1670g
158cm 138/112/122 15m 1505g


DPS Ski Shapes C2 vs RP