DPS Pagoda 100 RP Skis - 2022 Special Edition - Orange - 163cm

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DPS Pagoda 100 RP Skis - Special Edition

Special Edition skis are released once per year exclusively at Dreamtime. They are small-batch, limited edition ‘artwork’ creations made in our Salt Lake City, Utah factory, and are never reproduced again. 

This year’s Special Edition designs represent a balance of constant forward progress with their retro color scheme and line art, while fondly recollecting an easier time and heartbeat of the past.

A truly unique do-it-all tool, the Pagoda 100 RP possesses the ability to excel in nearly every situation. Whether surfing a surprise storm, or mach-ing through spring corn, the intuitive RP shape provides a floaty, playful platform – thanks to its rockered and tapered tip and tail. When dropping into your favorite tree run, its 15m radius allows for nimble turns and a strong sense of control. In firm conditions, the Pagoda construction acts like finely tuned suspension, resulting in precise reactivity.

Classic RP shaping comes with a 15m radius and shorter effective edge to promote performance that is forgiving to pivot and slide, yet powerful and reactive when locked in a carve.



189cm, 184cm, 179cm, 171cm, 163cm, 155cm



189cm 134/100/119 15m 2000g
184cm 133/100/118 15m 1880g
179cm 132/100/117 15m 1805g
171cm 131/100/116 15m 1760g
163cm 130/100/115 15m 1605g
155cm 129/100/114 15m 1490g


DPS Ski Shapes C2 vs RP