DPS LOTUS 124 Skis

$ 1,399.00 $ 1,599.00

DPS Lotus 124 Skis

The Lotus 124 improves upon DPS’ storied and rich powder ski heritage. Based on over 15 years of testing, the fifth generation of the Lotus 124 ski has a tapered tip, and a relatively low and gradual rocker, making it the ideal tool for the experienced powder skier looking to swiftly plane to the snow’s surface.

The well-balanced flex profile is optimized to encourage large radius surfy turns in open powder fields and stomping high-speed airs. Equally at home when ducking into your favorite secret stash in the woods, turns can be shortened when nimble reactivity is needed. When the days are deep and the stoke is high, the Lotus 124 should be your go-to.

25 years of powder ski innovation has led to the current line of Lotus skis. When Peter Turner and Stephan Drake joined forces in 2005, the seeds were already planted for key innovations thanks to their prior experience with powder ski engineering. The Lotus skis revolutionized powder design by experimenting with wide waist widths, rocker, reverse sidecut, and Spoon technology, which ultimately made DPS the first skis to feature beveled tips.

Lotus materials are each individually selected as the best in class. We look at performance characteristics, strength and durability, and into the sustainability metrics of the materials. The aim is to make powder skis that are energetic, powerful, and stable. We also need them to be trustworthy and have a long life. We’re stoked when we see our skis from 10 years ago ripping down the mountain. 



191cm, 185cm, 178cm



191cm 142/124/132 23m 2110g
185cm 141/124/131 23m 1950g
178cm 140/124/130 23m 1915g