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Introducing the new Kaizen 105 - A confidence-inspiring ski for all abilities that allows for fun across the mountain, in all conditions. The single quiver ski is a big claim, but we think this one lives up to it. Featuring a completely new shape, the Kaizen 105 takes inspiration from DPS’ classic RP and C2 chassis and blends these characteristics into a true all-mountain freeride ski. 

Featuring a completely new shape, the Kaizen 105 takes inspiration from DPS’ classic RP and C2 chassis and blends these characteristics into a truly all-mountain freeride ski. Our aim was to make a ski that had a different style than our classic shapes that are in the Kaizen 100 and Kaizen 112. The 105 has a longer turn radius for larger sweeping turns, longer effective edge which gives better hold and stability in all snow conditions, and less rocker and tip taper which makes it feel more engaged with the snow at the tips and tails. This ski is fearless at high speeds and makes an awesome GS turn, but is nimble to make quick adjustments in trees and steep spots, and allows the skier to float whenever necessary.

Our Kaizen skis represent innovation and evolution with our new split core and updated carbon fiber laminate. These elements combine to make our skis more stable and energetic than ever. 

The process was achieved in small steps. The core builds on the horizontal lamination concepts explored in our Pagoda skis, and layers the dense vibration absorbing ash in a new way and in a different location, using a new glue which has its own damping properties. The carbon fiber was developed using methods from our Pagoda Tour line and is designed to optimize energy. With our damper core of ash and poplar, it’s a harmonious interaction that creates better skis now, and opens up exciting ideas for the future. 



189cm, 184cm, 179cm, 171cm, 163cm, 155cm



189cm 137/105/120 18m -
184cm 135/105/119 18m 1910g
179cm 134/105/118 18m 180g
171cm 133/105/117 18m 1700g
163cm 132/105/116 18m -
155cm 131/105/115 18m -