Outdoor consignment? It can open up whole new worlds

Outdoor consignment? It can open up whole new worlds

November 03, 2015

New outdoor gear can be expensive, especially when the innovation is brand new and there are only one or two manufacturers of this specialized equipment. Then there’s the question of what to do with your old stuff. Outdoor consignment could be the answer you’ve been seeking.

Outdoor consignment is a centralized place to find quality used outdoor gear, from boots and bindings to tires and wheels and everything in between, at a price that’s literally a fraction of the cost of new stuff. Although outdoor consignment gear might not be as shiny as gear that's brand new, it's every bit as high quality and useful.

Outdoor consignment respects environment, reduces clutter

To be clear, outdoor gear manufacturers and outdoor enthusiasts are some of the most innovative people around. Every year, it seems there’s a new extreme sport or variation on your favorite outdoor gear, from devices that combine sails and skis to innovative bindings and new flair in the shape of your snowboard. Outdoor consignment captures the spirit of this innovation while respecting the outdoor environment through reuse of treasured gear.

New innovations bring out that irresistible urge, that “I've got to have it” desire for the latest outdoor gear, whether it happens to be rocker skis, the latest snowshoes, fat bikes or white-water kayaks.

At the same time, an outdoor consignment shop can be the solution to the overcrowding in your basement, shed or garage—wherever you keep your outdoor gear in the off-season. Some people keep a strict “new stuff in, old stuff out” policy. If they get a new mountain bike or a new pair of snowshoes, even a new backpack, some old stuff has to go to make room.

Earn back spending money, try new outdoor activities

Selling that old but still serviceable equipment can also help you recover some of the original outlay, which you can put toward gently used new-to-you gear or that activity you’ve never done before.

The outdoor consignment shop is a steadier, more permanent version of the used equipment swap, so you don’t have to be on top of your calendar to get a good deal on good-condition used equipment, whatever it might be. It also means you don’t have to wait until next year if you do miss the date.

What if you find that new extreme sport just isn’t for you? If you don’t enjoy back-country telemarking or that soft-nosed snowboard doesn’t perform the way you imagined it would, a return trip to the consignment shop can help you recover some of that modest outlay and get you back into the sports you enjoy most.

The Trailhead has plenty of great solutions to keep you up to date with your outdoor gear and sports while saving you money and time.