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Line SICK DAY 94 Skis 2021

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Brand: Line

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Line SICK DAY 94 Skis 2021

Make Everyday A Sick Day

Designed to make every day a Sick Day, the Sick Day 94 will allow you to rally groomers, churn through the crud, and leave the other nerds in your wake. Quickly stacking up awards the world over, the Sick Day 94 provides unmatched edge hold and a consistent flex – thanks to the Magic Finger Carbon Filaments – as you rally blown out sastrugi and pilfer the unexpected fluff that rolls in with the afternoon swells.

  LINE SKIS - Pugski - Steals and Deals - 2017


Sizes (CM):                                               172, 179, 186

Dimensions (Tip-Waist-Tail) MM:           131-94-117

Profile (Tip-Waist-Tail) MM:                     8-4-2

Side Cut Radius Average (M):                17.6

Stance Back From Center (MM):          -65.0

Weight (G/SKI):                                         1623

Edge Dimension (MM):                             2.1 x 2

Base & Dimension:                                   Sintered 1.3mm

Ski Construction:                                      Capwall

Flex Pattern:                                              Directional

Wood Core:                                                Aspen

Extra Tech:                                                 Carbon Magic Fingers





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