Head MAGNIFY 5K + Spare Lens Goggles - Blue/Orange

$ 167.00 $ 209.00

Head MAGNIFY 5K + Spare Lens Goggles


  • 5K Blue (VLT 17%) - Bright Sun (Category S3)
  • Orange (VLT 57%) - Snow & Overcast (Category S1) 


The new MAGNIFY series is modern, bold, and functional. The lens with a toric curvature reduces distortion to the minimum and offers an unrestricted field of vision. It also features 5K – enhancing the contrast and boosting color brilliance. The big news is the Magnetic Lens Exchange System – the easiest and quickest way to swap lenses on the go when the weather conditions are changing. By adding a frame seal, the magnetic lens is secured and the goggle protected from wind and water. The large frame can intake prescription glasses, which is supported by outlets for the temples in the main frame.

Inside the Box

  • 1 pair of goggles
  • 1 spare lens
  • 1 hard case & 1 soft case for storage


TORIC LENS: Toric lenses are curved in a way which avoids optical distortion.

DOUBLE LENS: The Polycarbonate Double Lens is a comparable weight lens that provides 100% UV protection and is 10 times more impact-resistant than conventional glass or plastic. It is therefore the ideal lens for mountain sports.

UV400 & ANTI FOG: UV400 & Anti Fog refers to the intense UV protective qualities of HEAD lenses and their ability to minimise fogging. The light on the mountain is intense so you need the best protection possible as well as anti-fogging qualities to maintain the best visibility.

5K Lens:  The new 5K Lens tone formula was developed for the alpine environment. 5K enhances contrast and boosts color brilliance by filtering specific wave lengths of the visual spectrum, therefore revealing more details and assuring a safer, less tiring on-snow experience in any weather condition.

EXTREME WIDE FIELD OF VISION: HEAD's goggles with an extra wide field of vision are perfect for racers, allowing a tight aerodynamic tuck without impaired vision.

TRIPLE LAYER FOAM: Dual-density Comfort Foam with Microfleece is a bonded foam with a soft fleece for added comfort. The two foams serve different purposes, including anti-fogging, climate regulation and padding while the fleece creates the ideal comfort layer between goggle and skin.

VENTING FOAM: Venting Foam allows the transfer of air, heat and moisture. When used in our goggles it prevents fogging and creates the ideal climate inside a pair of goggles.

EVA CASE INCLUDED: A hard case that protects your goggle from external impact and holds up to two goggles or extra spare lenses.

MAGNETIC LENS EXCHANGE: The quickest lens exchange system we ever developed – swap lenses in a second.

OTG - OVER THE GLASSES: Prescription glasses can be worn under the goggle.

WIND SEAL: Protects the goggle from wind and water entering the inside.

Spare Lens IncludedSpare Lens included when the weather changes.


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