DPS Uschi 94 Foundation Skis - Womens

$ 799.00

Brand: DPS

Foundation Uschi 94

The Uschi 94 features the new C2 platform––the widest of the Uschi line starts skewing more towards soft snow performance for most women, but is still accessible as a wider everyday resort board in deeper snow climates. The Foundation choice will feel damper, smoother, and more forgiving than the Alchemist, yet also less reactive and energetic. C2 chassis.


129/94/110 | Radius: 19m @178cm


157cm, 165cm, 171cm, 178cm


1855g per ski average weight @ 178cm

1745g per ski average weight @ 171cm

1590g per ski average weight @ 165cm

1410g per ski average weight @ 157cm