DPS Powderworks 100 RPC Skis 2022

$ 995.00 $ 1,549.00

DPS Powderworks 100 RPC

Each year a special batch of uniquely designed and constructed Powderworks skis are released in limited, serialized volumes. Brought to life in the DPS factory in Salt Lake City, Utah, these Powderworks editions represent a window into our most progressive R+D efforts and exploratory thoughts. It’s where advanced cores, laminates, rockers, and sidecuts are previewed – then built. These creations may one day make it into the yearly standard lineup, but as they stand; they are rare, cutting-edge skis.

The 115RPC has become a DPS cult classic as the tool of choice for traditional styled big mountain skiing. While looking different to its big brother at first glance, the 100 RPC is our vision of the long-awaited hard-pack big mountain charger. It holds an edge like a FIS Super G ski, and gives stable confidence for landing every drop you can line up. It’s a throwback to the early days of the Freeride World Tour, where the emphasis was simply skiing as fast and hard as you could. We’re not pretending this is a powder ski. Its best conditions are wind buff, chalk, and mixed hard pack. It does enjoy crud busting, and it holds a pretty incredible arc on a groomer. It wouldn’t be out of place on a Nastar course. 

The 100RPC construction is a preview from our R&D lab. When we began our original Pagoda construction, we had a design philosophy of horizontally combining disparate materials that continues with this ski. With a new recipe that further increases the damping and stability of the  ski, the hard-charging 100RPC is equivalent to launching new technology in a race car.



135/100/118 19m
132/100/115 19m   2020g
179cm 131/100/114 19m   1930g
171cm 130/100/114 19m   1780g