DPS PAGODA Tour 100 RP Skis

$ 1,299.00

Brand: DPS


DPS PAGODA Tour 100 RP Skis

The narrow couloir you spy in the corner of your front window has stabilized after a recent storm, the only thing standing in your way is the dreadfully long approach. Fear not, the lightweight Pagoda Tour construction will leave your legs fresh for the thrilling descent you’ve been waiting all too long to enjoy. Your time has come. With its unique rocker profile, the playful and floaty 100 RP is now available in a tour-specific offering, specifically optimized for the full range of backcountry conditions you might encounter.



184cm, 179cm, 171cm, 163cm, 153cm


127/100/115 | Radius: 15m @ 184cm
126/100/114 | Radius: 15m @ 179cm
124/100/112 | Radius: 15m @ 171cm
122/100/111 | Radius: 15m @ 163cm

120/100/109 | Radius: 15m @ 153cm

WEIGHT (average per ski):

1480g  @ 184cm
1410g  @ 179cm
1355g  @ 171cm
1225g  @ 163cm
1195g  @ 153cm

DPS Ski Shapes C2 vs RP