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DPS KOALA 119 Skis

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Brand: DPS

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DPS KOALA 119 Ski - Foundation Core

A new ski built for animals. The Koala started from the DPS Koalas. As the stars of DPS Cinematic, skiers like Piers Solomon and Santiago Guzman are mixing hard-charging directional skiing in deep snow with creativity and a flair for play. Over the last few months, newly minted Koala Dash Lounge has taken the design reigns and sparked a quick, focused evolution of the design. Structured around a more forward mounted chassis platform that enables butters, switch skiing, and landing airs, the Koala blends directional charging with freestyle nods to create a powder-oriented all-arounder for those who want to push the creative side of their big mountain skiing.



  • 189cm
  • 184cm
  • 179cm

Weight & Dimensions:

  • 2450g - 144/119/131 - 189cm
  • 2310g - 143/119/130 - 184cm
  • 2200g - 142/119/129 - 179cm


  • 23m (all sizes)