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Black Crows Pre-Cut PILUS FEROX FREEBIRD Skins

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Brand: Black Crows

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Black Crows Pre-Cut PILUS FEROX FREEBIRD Skins

New skins with this all new Pilus whose particularity is to have a fine membrane which protects and increases the water tightness of the glue. Solid and long-lasting, very practical and indifferent to changes in temperature, the Pilus are the ideal partner for gliding serenely towards happiness. The Super Light membrane provides a weight reduction, 100% waterproof and an excellent tear resistance. The glue remains efficient and durable. Hybrid composition (Mohair/Nylon) is the best ratio between climbing grip and glide downhill plus high durability. New construction with the first hydrophobic treatment and chemical components reduction which does not affect performance while reducing its environmental impact.