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DPS Foundation Lotus F124 Skis - 185cm

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Brand: DPS

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DPS Foundation Lotus F124 Skis

Welcome to an exciting new blend of everyday accessibility, and powder planing performance. The Wailer 112RP2 changed the design paradigm in terms of creating a new level of powder versatility. When designing the next generation 120mm+ class powder shape, we wanted to add a sprinkle of that 112 influence to truly endow the F124 with performance in mixed snow. It had to be easy to ski when the going gets tough, yet still have the DNA to charge. The F124 greatly benefits from the planted, stable, and amazing feel of the new Foundation bamboo-popular based construction. 


  • Dimensions 144/124/133

  • Radius 23m @ 185cm

  • Sizes 178cm, 185cm, 191cm