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DPS ALCHEMIST Wailer 106 Skis

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Brand: DPS

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DPS ALCHEMIST Wailer 106 Skis - aka Wailer A106

The Wailer A106 shape represents an enormous sweet spot in any skier’s quiver, and the Alchemist layup makes it that much stronger in the mixed conditions it’s designed to thrive in. It is light and ready to tour, yet also begs to be driven hard daily at the resort, or under the ropes. Reach for it regularly when conditions are decent and experience the new Chassis approach to sidecut and flex profile design. It is a ski that bends around your boot, begging you to modulate the radii of your arcs, as you carve or slarve through a diverse range of snow and terrain.

 The world’s most advanced ski construction takes a significant evolutionary step forward. Alchemist Pure carbon skis are the ultimate expression of the craft. Next-level, vibration-tuned aerospace grade carbon ski construction melded with absolutely the finest in supporting materials. Alchemist skis retain the same historical shapes as their Pure3 predecessors, but due to the construction upgrades are notably damper and smoother in mixed and firmer conditions.




133 / 106 / 122 | Radius: 18m


168cm, 178cm, 185cm, 189cm


2005g per ski average weight @ 189cm
1890g per ski average weight @ 185cm
1805g per ski average weight @ 178cm
1730g per ski average weight @ 168cm