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Line CHRONIC Skis 2020

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Brand: Line

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Line CHRONIC Skis 2020

Precisely twisted up for all-mountain freestyle enjoyment, the LINE Chronic is the dankest all-mountain freestyle ski.  No schwaggy materials, all-killer no filler with a Maple Core, Fatty Base & Edge and a versatile turn shape that will go down smooth. This award-winning ski offers a poppy ride that will crush it just as hard on those harsh big-line jump laps as it will on those smooth burns all over the mountain. If that's enough puns for you the brass tacks is that this is the best all-mountain freestyle ski you could ask for. 



Sizes (CM):                                               164, 171, 178, 185

Dimensions (Tip-Waist-Tail) MM:           129-95-120

Profile (Tip-Waist-Tail) MM:                     2-5-2

Side Cut Radius Average (M):                16.0

Stance Back From Center (MM):          -30.0

Weight (G/SKI):                                         1805

Edge Dimension (MM):                             Fatty Edge 2.5 x 2.2

Base & Dimension:                                   Fatty Base Sintered 1.7mm

Ski Construction:                                      Sidewall

Top Material:                                              Tuff Top

Flex Pattern:                                              Symmetric

Wood Core:                                                Maple Macroblock

Early Rise:                                                  Tip & Tail

Early Taper:                                                Tip & Tail

Mounting CM From Tail:                           86.1




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