Line BLEND Skis 2023

$ 349.00 $ 649.95

Line BLEND Skis

Butter, Bend and Send These Legends

Introducing the 2022/2023 LINE Blend. If you couldn't tell by the intro, the LINE Blend continues to be a go-to ski for our freestyle team. Will Wesson, Mitchell Brower, Sami Ortlieb, Peter Koukov, Andy Parry, the list goes on! One thing these guys have in common is the creativity that can be found in their skiing. From 50-50 combinations to unique butters and nose blocks, to locking in wheelies, the Blend opens up new lanes of creativity on the mountain. Thanks to the ample 100mm waist width and incredibly playful feel you're guaranteed to have a good time on the Blend, whether you're skiing the best park in the world or lapping a 100-foot rope tow. Get ready to start bending your Blends and making the whole mountain your playground.


Sizes (CM):                                               171, 178, 185

Dimensions (Tip-Waist-Tail) MM:           132-100-122

Profile (Tip-Waist-Tail) MM:                     4-4-4

Side Cut Radius Average (M):                20.0

Stance Back From Center (MM):          -40.0

Weight (G/SKI):                                         1940

Edge Dimension (MM):                             Fatty Edge 2.5 x 2.2

Base & Dimension:                                   Fatty Base Sintered 1.7mm

Ski Construction:                                      Capwall

Flex Pattern:                                              Symmetric

Wood Core:                                               Maple Macroblock

Extra Tech:                                                 Carbon Ollieband






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